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About Us

virtualgo2 was founded on doing work we really love for like-minded professionals. We believe in what we do and understand exactly what small businesses face, which is why we always give 100% effort and commitment to achieve top quality results for our clients.

We know what the internet is like and there are many webdesign, online marketing and translation businesses to choose from but the bottom line is, once you have made your choice, it feels like handing over control of your first-born child to strangers. So we suggest you have a look here to see the formal details of Kate's business background. Then, have a little look below – it took a long time to try to put the informal into words. If you’ve been interested enough to spend this much time on us (thankyou, by the way), send us an email and we’ll return the compliment and arrange a time to call you so we can talk and all decide what we can do to help your business grow.

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kjb cg li  Kate Baker A.C.I.B., MoIEE

After spending, what felt like a lifetime working and managing in the UK for one of the biggest banks in the world, I decided to make a major life-change and moved into the hospitality industry in Egypt (not much of a change...). Since then, I have taken on various executive managerial roles in hotels and a Nile cruise company. In Egypt, it is all about ingenuity and perseverence because, even now, the conventional methods of getting things done are very limited. NEW! Check out blog Adventures of a working woman for more of my story.

This wide and sometimes unusual experience has provided considerably more expertise than staying in banking could ever have done. Most things since then have had to be created from scratch with very little of anything (I guess, that's something I have in common with many small business owners and entrepreneurs). One of the learning curves was how to find information without libraries, newpapers and even such things as telephone directories; the solution was and is the internet; the surprise being just how much of this became essential so quickly for every business everywhere.

In the background is a family, consisting of a husband, a son and a gifted cat, Dash , who has been co-opted as our Twitter Manager.

Dash off dutyDash

Dash is an Egyptian cat, descended from royalty and now moving into the world of virtual business. He is the possessor of a razor-sharp intellect (and claws, at times) and sees the world from his own perspective (about 32cm from the ground).

It is his intention to make his mark but, so far, we have managed to prevent him from doing too much damage. (See his story below in our charity support section).

Visit him at our virtualgo2 Twitter page for regular updates on the virtual world of virtualgo2.

We Support:

We have been very lucky with lots of things in our lives but, we know, the same can't be said of many others. So, we want to try to help if we can by showing our support for a very worthwhile charity by passing on the message on their behalf. The links below will take you to their website, as they can tell you about their cause so well.


ACE_Animal Care in Egypt

Dash was rescued from the street as a kitten by ACE (Animal Care in Egypt) and he then claimed my son, so they hold a very special place in our hearts. The work they do helps, not only the hard-working animals of Luxor, but also the families that rely on their animals for their livelihood. Their education programmes for owners and, most importantly children, is invaluable. They are truly worth supporting.  


Many thanks to Stan Kurowski for taking my photograph - he did a great job, which would have been much easier with Dash, who is infinitely more photogenic than me.


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