About us and what we do


Our approach is from the viewpoint of small online business owners and our service style has been built from the ground up with that always in mind.

We offer UK GDPR data protection guidance and direction to enable you to understand what you can do to make your business compliant and when it is, on a day to day basis, keep it that way.

There are many ways we do that, giving you the choice as to which suits you and your business the best:

  • It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident when you work with us. That’s why we suggest you start off with our free Facebook Group. This is where you and other online business owners can ask questions and share ideas on solving problems in the easiest and most practical way. I’ll be around with guidance on the latest on legislation and official instructions. You can join in with our online chat session at 10.00am on the first Wednesday of the month to discuss subjects of interest to those who are there.
  • We offer ongoing Small Business Updates with useful information on the latest changes. This can help to increase staff awareness as well.
  • We have online resources in the form of quizzes, courses and video micro training, both free and paid.
  • Coming soon! We will be launching our new Virtualgo2 UK GDPR Next Level Club. This will offer greater access to direct help from us, monthly training sessions, all videos we have published already and going forward, including the training sessions so you can share with your team. Full details will be announced when the final design is completed.

We can also provide consultancy services, where more roll-up your sleeves hands-on help is needed.

About_us_Kate_Baker Kate Baker is our MD and lead advisor.

Check out more about Kate on LinkedIn

About our commitment to privacy and security:

We secure our emails by using an encrypted software solution that we can sign you up to while we work with you. This allows secure transfers of information and documents by email between you and virtualgo2. There is no cost to you and you won’t need to change from your current email provider.

As you can imagine, we take data protection very seriously. You can be confident that we will be very careful with regard to your privacy and the security of any information shared with us, either verbally or in writing.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not provide legal advice and, therefore, any information provided should not be construed as such.

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