Jargon-free GDPR Guidance Training and Support

Jargon-free GDPR Guidance, Training and Support

You probably don’t know me and so you won’t be sure if I really can help or if you’d like to work with me…

Start with my Jargon-free GDPR Facebook Group – see what I post or post your own question. I guarantee there’ll be no judgement and you will find a community of supportive business owners just like you, including having a lot of the same problems.

And how about Virtual Assistants?

My approach to Jargon-free GDPR is all about simplifying and making things clear, practical, and stress-free. You and your clients don’t need to have expensive systems, software and time-consuming procedures to get things right. You need simple steps, baked-in processes and an understanding of how to meet the requirements of the regulations without taking up lots of time, money and resources. Jargon-free GDPR Guidance and Support – that meets your business’s needs.

  • You can get answers to your GDPR-related problems.
  • You won’t need to study the legislation(!).
  • You will have access to guidance and training that is specifically designed for VAs who want to offer professional admin support to coaches and consultants.
  • You can have accessible support at the level and in the format that best suits your business.

How’s your client service level, and does it include GDPR-related admin work?

The marketplace is filled with virtual assistants offering services, often of a similar nature, but the crucial difference will always be the quality of customer service. The professional VAs I’ve met always have a strong desire to provide what their clients need to make their businesses run smoothly. They often struggle to say no to handling some tasks that either don’t fall within their service offering or experience. GDPR-related admin tasks or marketing tasks that aren’t compliant with current laws seem to be common requests from clients.

There are several issues with such requests but underlying them all is a lack of understanding of how to include such services as part of your VA services portfolio in a safe, effective and profitable way. I’ve been working on a solution to this and have created my Step-by-Step UK GDPR for VAs membership as a result. The first cohort will be launching soon. The number will remain small for each cohort so that I can provide the right amount of support for each person as well as foster group collaboration and connection between members.

How do you feel about GDPR, your business, and your clients’ businesses?

  • Do you struggle to find time to stay up to date with new systems, changes to rules, and, the latest trends?
  • Do you worry about your own business’s GDPR responsibilities and how to meet them, let alone those of your clients?
  • Do you know what the basic requirements are? Do you think about GDPR at all (or could there be a little bit of ostrich behaviour going on)?

I’m guessing at least one of these questions gave you pause for thought.

Of course, if you handle GDPR-related work for your clients that involves handling any personal data on their behalf, you are a Data Processor on their behalf and they should have a Data Processing Agreement in place between your businesses… Have they/you?

More than half of small UK businesses are not compliant according to various online sources – they are at risk!  It isn’t the possibility or even the potential size of the fines that are the real cost of being reported and found to be at fault, it’s the terrible damage to your brand and your business’s reputation that is the biggest risk. As a VA handling GDPR-related work on behalf of your clients, that also includes their businesses.

If you’d like to have some knowledgeable and supportive backup, take a look at what I offer.

Free Help

Indeed, I do mean free. As a Data Controller, which you are if it’s your business and you keep personal information in any sort of filing system, you are required to be aware of changes to regulations. My Small Business Updates News & Tips can help with that. I pull together important changes into an easy-to-read (short and sweet) email that is usually sent out once a month. But, if something major comes up that you should know about for your business I make sure you are kept in the loop.

Join my Jargon-free GDPR Facebook group, ask questions, get answers and share great ideas with fellow business owners in a safe forum. See how others have tried and tested solutions that could work for you. I’m there to throw in guidance on the requirements of regulations and legislation to point you in the right direction. There is a Jargon-free GDPR Workshop on the first Wednesday of each month to look at subjects that you need to be aware of for your businesses. And the Group is full of helpful nuggets of practical information, micro-training and (best of all) a community of supportive business owners just like you!

If you want to talk to me to explore what will help you the most, book a Free 20-minute Introductory Call with me and we’ll get to the bottom of your problem together.

Paid Services and Programmes

My paid services are for those times (and people) who want more specific help. I am building a library of materials to help you get and keep your GDPR responsibilities understood and under control. My training products and programmes range from:

My courses and services are always a work in progress, with new material being added regularly.  I love to create new products that are needed. If you are a member of my group or programme, or you use my website LiveChat to tell me what would serve you best.

Step-by-Step GDPR membership for UK VAs* – includes everything you need to put the right GDPR admin documents and systems in place in your business and your clients’ businesses. Easily!Coming  in 2024

Designed for UK-based VAs

*If you are a UK-based professional VA who works with coaches & consultants and you are asked to handle GDPR-related admin by your clients or you already (sort of) do then you need to get it right.

If you don’t you risk leaving yourself and your clients wide open to being non-compliant. This means you could be facing major brand damage and loss of client trust if things go wrong. 

The Membership is a combination of online resources and live implementation support plus licencing to allow you to use the templates and other materials with your clients!

You can choose to go fully D.I.Y using video tutorials, lots of help and examples with easy drop-down lists to choose from to adapt to fit your business. Or, if you want some support, a place to ask questions or monthly live implementation support sessions. Or you can go full-on with 1-2-1 sessions (discounts and block booking packages available for members). Get the essentials for your business and your clients’ businesses customised and in place.

Subscribe to my SBU News & Tips emails to get early access to the details of my Step-by-Step UK GDPR for VAs Membership!!

P.A.Y.G GDPR 1-2-1 services

Take a look here at the types of 1-2-1 services I offer.

Get in touch using our online chat. We can help you so you can concentrate on your business!


I do not offer legal advice and I will always tell you if that is what you need rather than let you take risks. You should also be aware that products, including my Step-by-Step templates and materials, are built using Microsoft Word, Excel and on PDFs (mostly). At this point, I do not offer other file types, although I will be looking into that in the future. My advice is relevant and tailored to business owners who are comfortable with their UK GDPR responsibility, even if they aren’t certain how to build it into their business – that’s my real area of expertise. The fit is everything!

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