How do you feel about GDPR and your business?

GDPR is an issue for all businesses.  If you have a state-of-the-art computer, a notebook or just an old filing cabinet you use to store information on your staff, customers, clients and suppliers, the regulations affect you and your business.

We offer GDPR guidance without jargon, providing you with straightforward practical answers for your small online UK business. Options and choices that will make the processes you use effective and as painless as possible – made to fit you and your style.

  • We provide cost-effective answers to your everyday problems.
  • We don’t try to bamboozle you with legalese and jargon.
  • We do specialise in small online UK business set-ups. Businesses where one person owns and runs the show and has limited time to spread across a myriad of tasks.

If that sounds like you, take a look at what we offer.

GDPR guidance resources to use, both free and paid

Our most accessible resource is our Jargon-Free GDPR Facebook group. This is where you can get free help and share answers and ideas with other small business owners. We run a free online GDPR Workshop on the first Wednesday of each month where we look at key subjects that all businesses need to be aware of. We also run other events to deal with such things as changes to regulatory requirements.  We are constantly building up a library of materials to help you get and keep your GDPR data protection responsibilities understood and under control. We can also deliver consultancy services (see further down) for when you don’t have time or the right person to put what you need together.

Free Help

Indeed, we do mean free. As a Data Controller, which you are if it’s your business and you keep personal information in any sort of filing system, you are required to be aware of changes to regulations. Our Small Business Updates can help with that.

As mentioned above, join our Jargon-free GDPR Facebook group where you can share great ideas with fellow business owners in a safe forum. Post your questions and see how others have tried and tested solutions that could work for you. We are there to throw in guidance on the requirements of regulations and legislation to point you in the right direction.

Paid Services and Programmes

Our paid services are for those times (and people) who want more specific guidance in a structured way. Our training products range from:

  • Short and sweet video updates
  • Micro-trainings and more in-depth live or recorded sessions
  • Courses on e.g. how to create your own documents, that will walk you through the relevant processes.

Access can be ongoing or on a one-off basis. This is a work in progress, with new material being progressively added.  So the value of the ongoing access option will only increase. Plus we will create new products that we know are needed – as a part of our free group or a paid member of our Club, tell us what would serve you the best.

Watch this space for the launch of our Step By Step GDPR programme – a structured process to walk you through the subjects you need to cover to get your business to a sustainable level of compliance!

The programme runs over a period of 12 months and is supported by access to our Step By Step GDPR Facebook group which includes:

  • Weekly 30-minute Hot Seat Q&A where we tackle a specific subject, usually for a member of the Group with input and ideas from other members and oversight by Kate Baker to make sure we stay on track and arrive at a compliant conclusion!
  • Regular Facebook broadcasts on relevant subjects
  • Key micro-training on  any major changes
  • Monthly giveaways to help you on your way to improved compliance
  • Early-bird access and offers on new products and programmes

COMING SOON! The Virtualgo2 Step By Step GDPR programme to take you from square one to sorted. Find out more very soon…

GDPR consultancy services

Take a look here for information on the types of consultancy services we can provide.

Contact us using our online chat. We can help you so you can concentrate on your business!

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