1-2-1 Services

1-2-1 Services – for your business-specific answers

1-2-1 services or group services? My Virtualgo2 group training and support programmes and courses are designed to give you the guidance and knowledge you need to handle often complicated UK GDPR responsibilities. However, I understand that there will be times when you need a little more specific hands-on help and this is what my 1-2-1 services offer.

When you can’t deal with a UK GDPR requirement, contact me via my website Chat* and we can discuss a solution that will work for you that you will be happy with or choose one of the options below.

*If I’m not available for a live chat, you can send me a message and email address and I’ll contact you.

Alternatively, if we’ve never met and you’d like to see if I’m someone you’d like to have on your side in your business, you can book a FREE 20-minute Introductory chat. That way you can find out how to deal with your GDPR-related business issues.


1-2-1 Services 2


FREE 20-minute Introductory Call for when you aren’t sure what type of help you need.


1-2-1 call

My essential PAYG 1-2-1 services:

Click on the logo to get more details to make your choice.


1-2-1 Services 3Book a 1-2-1 call when you need hands-on help

1 hour of time dedicated to answering your questions and solving problems for your business.


1-2-1 Services 4

GDPR Check-up to see how your business stands now (with an optional Follow-up) –

You get an easy-to-use checklist to point you towards what you should look at in your business as it is now before the 60-minute call, plus the option of having a 45-minute Follow-up call at a special rate.

1-2-1 Services 5


Implementation Support Call

Use this when you need help with any of my templates and kits, e.g., your Step-by-Step Template or Document Kit:


If you feel you will need several sessions, book a package of sessions at special prices – message me for details (use my online LiveChat)!

Slots for the above-mentioned services are limited, however, I understand that sometimes issues are urgent and I will make every effort to find a fast solution to fit with your timescale.

Please note, I don’t provide legal advice but I will tell you if that’s what you need!


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