Caught in a Data Breach?


What will you do if you are caught in a data breach?

Well, what will you do if you are caught in a data breach? Unless you don’t look or listen to any type of news you will have noticed how many data breaches there seem to be on an alarmingly regular basis.… Read more

5 Easy Steps for a GDPR-safe Website

5 Easy Steps for a GDPR-safe Website 6

5 Easy Steps for a GDPR-safe Website

5 easy steps for a GDPR-safe website is an easy guide to what to consider when it comes to GDPR-related issues and your website.

You already know about the need for quality content that speaks to your audience and engages and tells them about you, your skills and how you can help them solve their problems.… Read more

4 Essential Email Checklists


4 essential email checklists covering GDPR, marketing, and cyber-safety for UK-based coaches and consultants. Let’s talk about emails, the good, the bad and the hair-raising.

They are an everyday tool for businesses of every type and size. The problem is, they are so commonplace it is incredibly easy to overlook just how many risks they can pose to our business and us, personally.… Read more

UK data protection changes


The UK data protection changes

UK data protection changes… how would they have affected VA and solo-run businesses? And where are we now?

The UK Government included various changes in its Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, which are summarised below.… Read more

The Basics of the UK GDPR

the-basics-of-the UK-gdpr

The Basics of the UK GDPR – Coaches, trainers, and consultants have some specific GDPR-related responsibilities…

The basics of the UK GDPR do include fundamentals for all businesses but do coaches, trainers, and consultants have some specific responsibilities? Well, yes, but surprisingly these responsibilities are BUSINESS-specific because they relate to your type of business and how you choose to run it.… Read more

Choosing the right digital tools

Choosing the right digital tools

Choosing the right digital tools 23This article is a step-by-step process you can use for choosing the right digital tools for the job and your coaching, training, or consultancy business. My confession in relation to this subject is that I am a “shiny” addict. I can happily disappear down rabbit holes for days at a time and tell myself I’m being productive and doing important work.… Read more

Your Privacy Notice 2022


Your Privacy Notice 2022

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that the most well-known GDPR-related document is the Privacy Notice (OK, not very brave there). Despite this, many coaches, trainers, and consultants haven’t got their business’s Privacy Notice written, styled, and available in more than one (often not very good) version.… Read more

Your Small Business GDPR Blueprint 2022

GDPR Blueprint

Your Small Business, Your Responsibility – Your straightforward GDPR Blueprint for a great 2022

If you’re fed up with New Year’s resolutions…

If you are a coach, trainer or consultant, this GDPR Blueprint will help you get your plans in place to create something invaluable for your business that will improve it over the course of 2022.… Read more

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