GDPR and Social Media

GDPR and Social Media

Where does GDPR fit with Social Media for small UK businesses?

GDPR and social media don’t really sound like the perfect combination but if you are trying to grow your business, you will no doubt be using social media as one of your key tools.… Read more

How do you deliver Individual’s GDPR Rights

GDPR Rights – How does an Owner-run Business Deliver the Rights of the Individual as required by GDPR?

As a Data Controller, which you almost certainly are, it’s your responsibility to deliver the Rights of the Individual when handling personal data.… Read more

Record of Processing Activity – why’s it useful?

So why should you spend time on your business’s RoPA (and what is it) – why is it useful for you?

Introduction to your Record of Processing Activity

Your Record of Processing Activity (RoPA) is nothing more than a list of each type of personal data you handle with a set of explanatory details that show the what, when, why, where and how your business handles it… OK, that’s a major simplification but, with the right template, you will easily get into the swing of recording the essentials.… Read more

Applying the Principles of GDPR

Straight from the horse’s mouth – Applying the Principles of GDPR Easily in Real Lifeprinciples of gdpr from the horses mouth

Seven Principles:

There are seven basic principles of GDPR. They are lawfulness, fairness and transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality (that’s basically security), and then finally, accountability.… Read more

GDPR Rights – Database Hygiene, Blacklists & Spam Traps


GDPR Rights – Accuracy

Earlier today, I was thinking about one of the GDPR Rights of the Individual (as you do…). The particular right being that of Data Accuracy.

Then I moved on to think about how your marketing efforts can be so easily tripped up by ignoring this or, a better slant would be to view meeting GDPR requirements as actually supporting your marketing efforts rather than hampering them (I know, shock eh?!).… Read more

Common-sense GDPR Part 3

common-sense GDPRThis is the third and concluding instalment of my common-sense GDPR series (for now…).

There are just three items left to cover:

• what about your suppliers

• make sure that GDPR is part of everything that you do in your business, and finally,

• make sure you check everything regularly.… Read more

Common-sense GDPR Part 2

Common-sense GDPR Part 2Welcome to Common-sense GDPR Part 2.

Following on from the first article, here are another four points for you to bear in mind:

• what data should you collect?

• know long should you be keeping it?

• be sure to keep it safe at all times, and

• know what you have and where it is.… Read more

Common-sense GDPR Part 1

Common-sense-GDPR If you know that GDPR exists but don’t know what to do about it, where to start or how to get what you need set up, then this series of three articles is, especially for you. Common-sense GDPR is designed for the owner-operators of small online businesses where simple and straightforward is a necessity rather than a nice to have.… Read more

GDPR Answer

new-ideaGDPR Answer for Your Business!

And what are we working on…? The answer is a range of simple cost effective GDPR answers that you can pick and choose from.

We will be releasing the first 10 modules one by one as soon as our Early Adopter Team of small business owners and I have completed the creation.… Read more

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