Welcome to my FAQs for coaches, trainers, and consultants. A small number of questions to give you some ideas and answers plus information on where to get more help.. If you have other questions, there are a couple of easy ways to get in touch. I’ll be happy to help you.


As a UK-based VA business owner, if you have an email list, clients, or you work with contractors/freelancers, then you process personal data. That means you must follow the Regulations. How you do that in practical terms will depend on how you have chosen to set up your business.
Here are some points to remind you: 1. You/your team need to understand and be aware – regular updates and training are essential; 2. You need to know where you are, including what data you process or store, in what format and where; 3. You should have practical policies and simple records in place
These channels are essential for all small businesses and there are regulations that apply to how you use them. It's important to get it right because you want your clients to be attracted towards you. You need to know that majority of penalties imposed by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) have been for breaking the rules that relate to electronic marketing activities.
There are a couple of easy (and free) ways to do either:
  1. Join my Jargon-free GDPR Facebook community group. Ask questions, share information about your business and offers.
  2. Subscribe to my Small Business Update News & Tips. Designed to be short, sweet, and useful. Sent out every 2 weeks or, if something important happens, I'll send out a Special email. Keep a copy of each issue and/or share it with your team. Then you are taking steps towards staying aware as well as avoiding missing something you need to know about.
If you need specific help or guidance, take a look at my 1-2-1 services.
My online training course, the Basics of the UK GDPR will provide the information on the UK GDPR that you/your team must know and be reminded of at least annually. It's designed to fit how you like to work i.e. all in one go (takes about 1.5 hours) or in bite-sized chunks. You get 12 months' access, including updates plus a certificate of successful completion for your records. 🙂

Contact me or why not join my Facebook group and get to know me a bit better as well as putting the hive mind of your fellow VAs for coaches and consultants to work!

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