Welcome to our UK GDPR FAQs. This is just a very small number of basic questions on what can be a worrisome subject for many small online business owners. If you have other questions, there are a couple of easy ways to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you.


A good place to start is to realise that GDPR applies to every business that keeps any sort of filing system (digital or paper-based) with personal information in it. That means it's very unlikely GDPR doesn't apply to your business.
Here are some points to remind you: 1. You/your team need to understand and be aware – regular updates and training are essential; 2. You need to know where you are, including what data you process or store, in what format and where; 3. You should have practical policies and simple records in place
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Another easy one! Subscribe to our Small Business Update. Designed to be useful without eating up lots of your precious time. It's issued monthly or, if something important happens or becomes available we issue a Special. Keep a copy of each issue and/or share it with your team. Then you are taking steps towards staying aware as well as avoiding missing something you need to know about.

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