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Simply contact us via our online chat, here on our website. If we’re not around when you message, just include your email address and name and we’ll reply to you, usually within 1 working day.

Or, join us and drop a post in our Facebook group: Jargon-free GDPR. You’ll find it’s a supportive space all about accessible guidance on the UK GDPR and how it affects your small online coaching, training or consultancy UK business You will be able to share real-world questions and answers with fellow business owners.

I’m around to offer guidance on the regulations and legislation to help you find the easiest practical answers to fit your limited resources, especially time!

Get help with getting your data protection ducks in a row.


Share your tried and tested solutions too! If you’re already a member… what are you doing here, you already have priority access! 

There are lots of requirements in the UK GDPR and UK Data Protection Act 2018, one of them being that you and your team if you have others working with you, need to keep up to date with changes. Subscribing to our Small Business Updates will help you with that. We send these out when something happens that is relevant to your business, so not necessarily on a regular basis. Share them, keep them and you have the start of a system with a record to show that you are doing something about this requirement. 


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