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  • Avoid wasting your time – We won’t be sticking to a strict schedule because sometimes an email for the sake of it is annoying.
  • Be there when needed – We expect the minimum will be once a month but, we do commit to doing all we can to make sure you don’t miss crucial changes and so there may well be specials when necessary and don’t forget, Brexit is looming…
  • Make it snappy – If you like to scan for the nuggets that you really want and are interested in, the format will be bullet points with bold titles in a column format. If you’ve ever done any speed reading training you’ll know that this makes it easier to read quickly (and less side to side eye movement is less tiring).
  • Be useful – We’ll be including some of the best ideas, solutions and answers from you and your fellow small online business owners to share the support.
  • Be twice as useful – Share them with your team (employees and/or contractors). Keep a simple record for your business to show you and your team are staying aware of matters affecting GDPR data protection – as required by the legislation. N.B. This is a useful part of that but there will be some more pointers on other easy steps coming up.

Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time but we really hope you won’t want to.


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