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Jargon-free GDPR Facebook Group: Ask a GDPR or tech-related question in my free group or read the information, tips, and occasional ruminations and grumpy complaints I post here.

These are the other places you can find me if Facebook groups aren’t your thing. I am looking elsewhere because, well… Meta. Keep popping back for changes as I find better places to grow connections!

LinkedIn – I like to use my page more than my Virtualgo2 business page. Connect with me and let me know if you have promotions or events so I can share your good stuff with my network:

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Here’s my LinkedIn business page link in case you are nosy (like me). 🙂

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My “shop window” content can be found on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Pinterest is a new channel for me and I’m testing it to see what happens.

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Longer posts, videos, and podcast episodes are published on Substack (my podcast can also be found on most podcast channels – again, that’s a new channel for me).

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