GDPR Data Protection FAQs

Welcome to our GDPR Data Protection FAQs. We have tried to include those questions we have found to be asked the most but there are many more. If you have another question or more than one, go to our Contact page and let us know. We’ll be happy to help you.


There isn’t any limit on the size of organisation. The key is making sure you have practical data protection policies and procedures that will keep you compliant but won’t suffocate you and your business. We can answer your data protection questions, review your policies to check you have what you need and help make sure they are compliant. We can help you write or update them, as necessary. This includes your key public documents such as your Privacy Notice(s).
Good question… In a nutshell, compliance means having policies and procedures in place for your business to show what you say you do and records of what you have done to prove you follow them. There is no set way to achieve this and we can help you to set up or improve your business systems. The goal posts are constantly moving and keeping current is a requirement - having someone to watch your back and let you know what’s going on as it relates to your business is a necessity. When you have the information you need you can decide how you want to deal with any problems and have support and guidance to be sure your business stays compliant. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website has lots of information for small businesses - worth taking a look at!
1. You/your team need to understand and be aware – regular updates and training are essential; 2. You need to know where you are, including what data you process or store, in what format and where; 3. Have straightforward and practical policies and simple records in place
That's great! It definitely isn't the case for many small businesses and when everything is in place the problem then is keeping current with the regulations, which is a requirement. Most small businesses don't have the time it takes to do this and having someone to watch your back and let you know what relates to your business means you aren’t missing important changes.
You have exactly 30 days to gather it and get it to the person it belongs to (the data subject). But do you know where all the information is and what you really need to send? No need to panic, we can guide you through that process as well.
If you aren't sure if you have or what to do about it, we can help you be sure. If it is a breach, we can guide you through the process of what you need to do.

What next? Contact us and we’ll set up a video or phone chat so that we can talk through what you might need, and we can take it from there.

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