GDPR Answer

new-ideaLow Cost GDPR Answer for You!

And what are we working on…? The answer is a simple cost effective GDPR answer at a low monthly subscription – support for your business.

No strings attached. Cancel when you want, if you want.

Back-up to make sure you have done the best things you can to look after the personal data you deal with.

Looking around the internet, there doesn’t seem to be very much truly affordable help on offer for solo-run UK businesses and their ordinary day to day GDPR data protection needs. True there are some amazing legal practitioners who offer more in-depth or ’emergency’ solutions but the cost in time and/or money can be prohibitive.

For many small businesses, the emphasis in the media still appears to lie with big businesses. That is still wrong but, the downside for (we) small business owners is that it’s just too easy to miss a major opportunity of showing our customers and clients that we respect them and their rights and we can prove it by how we take care of their personal data. Just as we ourselves want to know that our information is safe and isn’t being sold off to the highest bidder (oh yes, it happens) or used for something we don’t want it to be used for and haven’t agreed to.

What proof?
You can demonstrate your business’s commitment by how you clearly explain what you do with the data you handle in all of the required documents and your procedures behind the scenes. If you want to back up that, you can get accreditations and certifications, which don’t have to be expensive e.g. Cyber Essentials or another accreditation from a relevant industry body or association.

Meet our brand new signature programme – Step-by-Step GDPR!

Step-by-Step GDPR - get your GDPR in shape

Designed to get your GDPR set up and sorted. By following the straightforward schedule, you will get the support you need to have your business shiny bright without burnout over complicated regulations. You’ll know where your business stands and have the evidence to prove it! We get to see you succeed! Win win eh?

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