Common-sense GDPR Part 1

Common-sense-GDPR If you know that GDPR exists but don’t know what to do about it, where to start or how to get what you need set up, then this series of three articles is, especially for you. Common-sense GDPR is designed for the owner-operators of small online businesses where simple and straightforward is a necessity rather than a nice to have.… Read more

GDPR Answer

new-ideaGDPR Answer for Your Business!

And what are we working on…? The answer is a range of simple cost effective GDPR answers that you can pick and choose from.

We will be releasing the first 10 modules one by one as soon as our Early Adopter Team of small business owners and I have completed the creation.… Read more

Everyday data protection help

Welcome to our new blog offering everyday data protection help for small businesses…

Straightforward information

There is a lot of noise online about changes and developments of data protection legislation, including GDPR; we aim to offer straightforward information on the topics that affect small UK businesses.… Read more

Data Protection is for Big Businesses…

Data Protection is for Big Businesses…

It’s easy to think that data protection is for big businesses, like banks. Most people wouldn’t think it was OK to pass on someone’s phone number or email address without their permission. However, the ownership and real value of personal data, including your own may not be something you’ve considered in detail.… Read more

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